Resources for Property Owners​

Why London

Resources for Property Owners

Firstly, income! According to Ontario Creates, the provincial agency for film and television growth, companies in Ontario will pay anywhere from $500 – $5,000 per day for location rentals! This of course depends on many factors, but regardless of the specifics, renting your property to production companies is a great source of revenue.

Secondly, exposure! If you have a unique or interesting property, why not let everyone know it?
Productions are looking to give audiences something they haven’t seen before, and London has an untapped market for fresh and distinct locations. Renting to a film or tv production is a great way to show off how special your property really is.

And finally, support for your community! Film Productions mean big business for local economy. When a company shoots at a location, they will often need other amenities from surrounding commerce such as food, accommodations, prop items, etc. Having film and television productions in your community is a great way to diversify your economy and support local businesses.

It is your right to see proof of insurance before a production enters your property. A 2-million-dollar policy is an industry standard and is highly recommended.

In addition, many industry regulations govern how production companies treat your property. Companies are encouraged to leave the site in the same condition as they found it, and sometimes even better. Based on the needs of the production, and with your permission, experienced construction personnel might need to mend cracks in walls, give a room a fresh coat of paint or plant new landscaping. It’s an unexpected way to give your property a fresh look!

This of course depends on the production. All the details about what a company might need from you, or your property will be outlined clearly ahead of production. You have final say about what productions can and cannot use on your property.

Join our database at! The more resources that are added, the more the database will gain traffic and be seen by more producers and location scouts.

While Film London is happy to provide resources, we do not have the capacity to professionally photograph each property on the database. There are local resources whose job it is help stage your location for the best possible exposure. Check them out here.

The Ontario Creates website outlines some important notes to keep in mind when advertising your property. Some highlights include:

  • Upload a lot of photos: because we don’t know exactly what companies will be looking for, it’s best to give them as many options as possible. Show off what you have!
  • Show both interior and exterior: productions may be looking for the inside of properties, the outside of properties, or both! Let them see the whole package.
  • For exteriors, take a photo of the front of your property from across the street, and a reverse of it from the front door to show the property and its immediate surroundings. Use the same rationale for the back of the property.
  • For interiors, stand at one end of each room, off from the corner, and shoot a reverse from the opposite side of the room
  • Shoot the room to give a sense of space – not individual decorative details.
  • Please ensure photos are in focus and in color, with no filters applied.
  • 20 to 30 photos are adequate for most locations.
  • Don’t photograph people or pets
  • Make sure photos are well lit, and that your location is represented accurately.
  • PHOTO GUIDELINES: Shoot single, high-resolution images in landscape orientation at minimum 1600 x 1200 pixels. This is generally a “medium” setting on most cameras. Save photos as JPEGs at Maximum Quality. · If using an SLR, please do not use a wide angle lens, as they warp the visual space and do not give an accurate representation.

Make sure to list any unique qualities and features that your property might have. Examples can include, age of location, architectural style, number of rooms, square footage, ceiling height, amenities, trim, crown moulding or other finishing, fireplace, etc. Remember to be factual and to include as many interesting details as you can.

Interested in filming on City of London-owned properties? 

The City is here to assist with navigating policies and procedures associated with filming on City properties including parks, roads, sidewalks, and City-owned facilities/buildings. 

For more information, please visit 

Or contact Krista Broderick at: or 519-661-2489 x 2379. 

Fresh, never-seen locations, access to hard-to-book spaces like our airport and university, and a warm welcome for filming with plenty of support services… London, Ontario is open for business to the film and television industry for productions large and small.   

London can be whenever or wherever you want us to be. We have streetscapes and architecture that can stand in for cities across North America. Gorgeous in any season, ‘The Forest City’ is the 11th largest metropolitan area in Canada, capable of hosting any size of production. Our anchor position in Southwestern Ontario gives us access to rural, agricultural and unique small townscapes.  

We’re only 2 hours down the highway from Toronto, 1 ½ hours from Hamilton, and have an international airport, GoTrain and Via Rail access. Best of all, we boast a strong and growing local talent and crew capability. Our film office and the city are dedicated to providing location support, smooth permitting, access to reasonable accommodations and a positive production experience for local, national and international filmmakers. 

Call to let us help find the perfect locations for your next film or TV project. 

Interested in filming on City of London-owned properties? 

The City is here to assist with navigating policies and procedures associated with filming on City properties including parks, roads, sidewalks, and City-owned facilities/buildings. 

For more information please visit 

Or contact Krista Broderick at: or 519-661-2489 x 2379.