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Daniel John Sobczak

Actor, Writer, Producer



Between 18-40


Non-union and double vaccinated performer. I have been receiving training from Michelle Arvizu from LB Acting Studio and Ingrid Hard from the Toronto Film School. I have a very strong athletic background as a former provincial runner and tennis player. I also have an extensive history competing in ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse and triathlons. I can play the piano, and trombone at an intermediate level. I have extensive university training in physical health, I obtained my masters of science in physiotherapy in 2016 from McMaster University. If you have any further questions or would like to reach out please don’t hesitate. The thought of working in this field I love in my hometown is very exciting.


London, Ontario N6C 4R3, Canada

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Fresh, never-seen locations, access to hard-to-book spaces like our airport and university, and a warm welcome for filming with plenty of support services… London, Ontario is open for business to the film and television industry for productions large and small.   

London can be whenever or wherever you want us to be. We have streetscapes and architecture that can stand in for cities across North America. Gorgeous in any season, ‘The Forest City’ is the 11th largest metropolitan area in Canada, capable of hosting any size of production. Our anchor position in Southwestern Ontario gives us access to rural, agricultural and unique small townscapes.  

We’re only 2 hours down the highway from Toronto, 1 ½ hours from Hamilton, and have an international airport, GoTrain and Via Rail access. Best of all, we boast a strong and growing local talent and crew capability. Our film office and the city are dedicated to providing location support, smooth permitting, access to reasonable accommodations and a positive production experience for local, national and international filmmakers. 

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