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Yvonne Spicer

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Between 41- 60

My name is Yvonne Spicer. I am a 44-year-old adult on the Autism-Spectrum. I live in London, Ontario Canada.  As you can imagine growing up with and living a life with Autism is a huge part of my story. Living with an Autism-Spectrum Disorder affects my life every day in many aspects from social development, behavioral and emotional regulation, life skills, communication, and language, and organizationally. Living a life with Autism is not the easiest thing in the world as it presents so many different challenges. However, thanks to my work ethic, continuous drive to be the best person I can be, and all the supports in my life, I can call myself a successful adult with Autism.   I am beyond thankful and appreciative for all the support systems in my life. I know that I would not have succeeded without the support of my family, friends, teachers’ professors, and everyone else who has helped me grow over the years. Through dedicated support in place in my life I have learned to become more independent and successful. I have learned what it takes to live a good life and how to make it today. I have experienced firsthand how fanatical support systems can foster independence and create success, and now it is my turn to support others with Autism and other developmental disabilities the same way I was supported. It is time for me to give back to the disability communities and make the same positive impact for others with disabilities as was true for me. My passion and lifelong mission in life is to give back to the disability community and support others with disabilities the same way I was supported. I have found my passion in life and am endlessly working on making my passion and vision a reality for myself and others with disabilities.   Since 2017 I have taken courses in Business and Early Childhood Education to further my education in post-secondary education college to improve the lives of disabilities and communities.  My story is very inspirational and helpful to people with disabilities and fellow disability advocates like myself as it shows that nothing is impossible but possible if we can break down the barriers that we continue to face daily.  I am incredibly involved, committed, and passionate about the work I continue to do with everyone.   I have volunteered on various boards and committees as an advocate serving students and people in the community with disabilities. As a person with autism who is an advocate, I provide support to families and people with lived experience to continue to stand up and raise awareness of the issues they face and what we can do to break down barriers together.  I continue to aim to be one of the leaders and supporters at expanding programming to adults with disabilities.   Throughout my college years I participated in a volunteer placement in which I provided academic, behavioral, social, emotional, vocational, and life-skill developmental support. Working in a school with students with disabilities is much more than academic instruction. I supported goals students were working on by supporting the fundamental principles in elementary and secondary school settings. I was able to foster social skills, teach emotional regulation, and prepare students for life beyond school through vocational and life skills development. I was assigned to an 18-year-old young adult with intellectual disability, and epilepsy. I enjoyed volunteering my time with the students in the classrooms as I was able to learn something from them that nothing is impossible but imagine the possibilities for all people.  I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.   In my history I have worked as a camp counsellor with the City of Brampton where I provided care to those with disabilities in a recreation camp setting through summer camps and programs. I served as a camp counselor and program assistant during my tenure at Loafers Lake Recreation Centre. My job responsibilities consisted of everything from participant personal care, engagement in activities and behavioral work. Prior to this is, I was a volunteer support person with Alloa Public School working with a child in between recesses to provide a welcoming and engaging personality. My first experience in the field of Autism came from being tested after years of not knowing and experiencing several aspects of the condition to which people have seen, I planned to get tested and have an eventual answer for myself that I have autism.  Since I was thirty-five and have been tested, I know that I am not alone and there are resources out in the community if I choose to ask for it.   Through college, I not only grew academically, but equally if not more, I learned to live independently. My college experience has benefited me and prepared me for adult life and my career.   Last but certainly not least, I am a passionate, committed Autism, disability, and mental health advocate. I believe in not only raising awareness for those with disabilities, but also promoting acceptance for all, creating inclusion, and creating proper support. My advocacy work consists of speeches, public speaking, presentations, blogging and writing. When I was a volunteer with Community Living North Halton, I learned from watching others how I can use my public speaking to where I learned to become confident in my abilities as a public speaker and a writer, and my passion just grew and expanded from there. Over the years, I have given numerous presentations and have written countless prizes sharing my firsthand experiences living and working with Autism, with others, hoping to not educate others, but to help others develop skills and succeed.   I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my personal experience. Even though, I live everyday with Autism, as you can see it’s only just the beginning of my story, as I am also an Autism-support professional and disability advocate in my field committed to improving the lives of those with disabilities and their families. After all my passion and lifelong mission is to give back to the disability community and support others with disabilities, the same way I was supported.  


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