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This lavishly charming home brings the nostalgia of classics like Anne of Green Gables to London, Ontario. The Lodge offers dainty stained glass windows and elegantly carved ceilings perfectly fit for a royal aesthetic. Grosvenor Lodge radiates with luminous lighting running through luxuriously intricate chandeliers. If you are determined to capture the essence of Victorian elegance, this location is meant for you! The Lodge presents a combination of grand and opposingly dingy staircases perfect for accentuating a conflicting ambiance. The site contains detailed fireplaces, a fully accessible attic, and a grungy basement with hidden concrete doors. Not only does the interior scream cinematic, but the exterior of the Lodge is also equipped with a classical white fence and charming gazebo. The scenic scape changes according to the season, offering a distinct aura at different times of the year.


1017 Western Road, London, Ontario N6G 1G5, Canada


Fresh, never-seen locations, access to hard-to-book spaces like our airport and university, and a warm welcome for filming with plenty of support services… London, Ontario is open for business to the film and television industry for productions large and small.   

London can be whenever or wherever you want us to be. We have streetscapes and architecture that can stand in for cities across North America. Gorgeous in any season, ‘The Forest City’ is the 11th largest metropolitan area in Canada, capable of hosting any size of production. Our anchor position in Southwestern Ontario gives us access to rural, agricultural and unique small townscapes.  

We’re only 2 hours down the highway from Toronto, 1 ½ hours from Hamilton, and have an international airport, GoTrain and Via Rail access. Best of all, we boast a strong and growing local talent and crew capability. Our film office and the city are dedicated to providing location support, smooth permitting, access to reasonable accommodations and a positive production experience for local, national and international filmmakers. 

Call to let us help find the perfect locations for your next film or TV project. 

Interested in filming on City of London-owned properties? 

The City is here to assist with navigating policies and procedures associated with filming on City properties including parks, roads, sidewalks, and City-owned facilities/buildings. 

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Or contact Krista Broderick at: or 519-661-2489 x 2379.